dhg's webserver

This is my webserver.
Here is a picture of the server.
I used to use an old Pentium III based computer to run the server, but it started breaking down
and I dismantled it. Here is a photo of that
from when it still worked.

Here are some folders containing music that I've worked on. Most of it is original,
but there are some covers and stuff based on/inspired by other people's works,
or even some stuff I didn't make at all that got mixed in by mistake.
mp3 folder
midi folder
tracker folder

This folder contains random files and stuff I've uploaded to the server.
stuff folder

Here is a webcomic sort of thing I started when I was 15:
(If you look at this, keep in mind I was 15/16 when I made most of it)

Some links to my stuff on the internet:
Youtube channel
soundcloud profile
ucollective profile
Twitter profile

My email address: dusthillresident@gmail.com

This used to be hosted on dusthillguy.se, but now
I have a dynamic IP address so I can't use that domain anymore.

Anyway, thanks WASDsweden for buying me dusthillguy.se.