The Adventures of Epicenter


:: ABOUT ::

This is "the adventures of Epicenter", an online comic by dusthillguy, also known as dust hill resident.

During June of 2003, I was interested in starting a website. I enjoy drawing with MS Paint, but I wasn't sure how to combine this with
making a website. Then I had the idea of creating an online comic. I didn't know who my characters should be, though. Finally, while talking to a person whose nickname was Epicenter, I decided to base the main character on him. A few days before, I had been bored during school, and scribbled some drawings on a piece of paper.

You'll probably recognise Epicenter's face in the top middle.

Unfortunately, I lost that piece of paper. It's probably been thrown away.
Then I created another character, Tom41. I based this character's name on another person I had been talking to.
Tom41's face is in fact a photo of a sculpture from my school (which unfortunately got broken).
Then I made "dust hill guy" based on my own internet personality, and proceeded to make some comics in which entirely random things happened.

Through the years that followed, I made the comics fairly regularly at first, then later occasionally, sometimes with help from friends. Special thanks to Deven Gallo, B. Silverman, Patrik "RAMPKORV" Weibull, and several others who helped me along the way. After 2007 I stopped updating the site. But as of 2011, I now intend to make a new comic every few months.