dusthillresident's webserver

This is a webserver running on a raspberry pi.
I mostly use it to host files so I can link to them online.
My email address is dusthillresident@gmail.com
I'm on mastodon here: https://mastodon.me.uk/@dusthillperson

Programs & games for RISC OS

I wrote some programs and games for RISC OS which I've uploaded here.

Other stuff I made

I made a utility for generating palette cycling animations.
D.H. Gradient Tool

Here are some folders containing music that I've worked on. Most of it is original,
but there are some covers and stuff based on/inspired by other people's works,
or possibly even some stuff I didn't make at all that got mixed in by mistake.
mp3 folder
midi folder
tracker folder

This folder contains random files and stuff I've uploaded to the server.
stuff folder

Here is the Penis Energy Forecast:
Penis Energy Forecast

Here is a comic sort of thing that I made from when I was 15 until I was about 19:

Some links to my stuff on the internet

My music on the Cadenza MIDI Diary
Youtube channel
My soundcloud profiles:
the latest/newest one,
another one of them,
yet another one,
and another more
(I have several soundcloud profiles because soundcloud
gives you a limited amount of upload space
per account, unless you pay.
And Soundcloud is an extremely poorly run service
so I'll never pay them a penny for it.)
My bandcamp page: